From bats to paint brushes — Cleveland Indians player’s new exhibit

Indians fans remember Omar Vizquel as a magician with a glove and Mr. Clutch with a bat, but now he’s showing off his skills with a brush.

While he was manning the gap between 2nd and 3rd for 11 seasons, he was also busy painting.

Vizquel said, “I think putting both together was a great balance… this is one of the things that really got me out of there and put me into a different mood.”

Vizquel started painting about 20 years ago and never took any formal lessons.

Sunday, he held a showing in Cleveland, marking his fourth display. His first was in Youngstown at the Butler Institute and he’s also had shows in San Francisco and Venezuela.

“Most of the pieces are gone, which is surprising that people liked them and they buy it and they keep it in their homes. It is an honor for me to paint and have someone buy a painting from me,” Vizquel said.

If you missed the show, you can check out more of Vizquel’s work at

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