Border Patrol considers adding razor wire fences to deter migrants

Border crossers may soon have a more difficult time in Noglaes, Arizona. The Border Patrol is looking at a plan to add razor-wire and coiled metal strands to the border fence, and this has elicited different reactions from the community.

Mary Ann Bocz lives right next to the fence.

“I’ve had issues where they’ve brought marijuana into my yard,” said Bocz.

She’s had rocks thrown in her direction and people trespassing onto her property. “I was like, ‘Why do you need to come inside my house?’ and he said, ‘I need to hide from Border Patrol,'” said Bocz. She said she constantly has to call Border Patrol.

“I really feel sorry for these people, but yet you don’t know anymore who to trust,” said Bocz.

She said adding razor wire to the fence could be a good idea. “It could slow down a lot. Yes, it could,” she said.

Border Patrol is considering adding concertina wire. The city said the wire would be ten feet from the ground on the U.S. side of the border.

“It’s going to cause more injuries and it’s not needed,” said Nogales Councilman Cesar Parada. Parada said the city is preparing a formal statement of protest. Other people living near the fence agree with the city, saying that they believe adding the wire would be inhumane.

“It will kill people or hurt people more than it will do any good,” said “Enrique.”

“Enrique” doesn’t want his identity shown for fear of retaliation. He lives near the border fence and has seen how the drug runners operate.

“What I have seen is when they jump there’s always a car waiting for them, and they just load it up. The car takes off, and then the kids crossing just jump (back) over.”

“Enrique” fears if the wires do go up, he might see a tragedy after someone jumps over the fence and gets stuck on the razor sharp wires. It’s a tragedy the city doesn’t want to deal with either.

The city has already started writing a resolution protesting the concertina wire, and they hope to have it out to Congress soon. Border Patrol responded by saying, “Tucson Sector Border Patrol is considering a proposed deployment of concertina wire in the Nogales area. Currently this proposal is still under review. Specifics concerning this proposal are unavailable at this time.”

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