Nine DREAMers attempted to cross the U.S Mexico Border yesterday. (Courtesy/ Getty Images)

9 DREAMers detained after re-entry attempt from Mexico to U.S.

Nine DREAmers attempted to cross the U.S.-Mexico Border through a legal port of entry in order to start a movement and send a message on immigration and the need for reform.

They have been detained in Nogales by U.S Customs and Border Protection officials since Monday evening.

According to the Associated Press, Margo Cowan the lawyer of the group said that they are seeking humanitarian parole and if that plea were to be rejected they will apply for asylum.

“On Monday, I walked into a port of entry in Nogales, Mexico with seven other Dreamers and asked the Obama administration to use its discretion to allow us to return to the United States. As you read this, I may be in a detention center,” wrote Lizbeth Mateo in a blog post on the Huffington Post website.

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Mateo, along with two other DREAMers, Lulu Martinez and Marco Saavedra self-deported, in the last couple of weeks,  to join  NIYA (National Immigrant Youth Alliance) and the other DREAMers in this movement. The DREAMers met up in a gallery in Nogales on Sunday to talk to the media about their decision to cross the border back in the United States.

Other DREAMers include, Claudia Amaro, Adriana Gil Diaz, Luis Gustavo Leon, Maria Peniche, and Ceferino Santiago, who were all deported in the last couple of years. There biographies are on the NIYA website along with a link to a dream activist petition page.

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At the last minute, DREAMer Rosie Rojas  joined the group of eight at the border.  The  DREAMers all banded together with smile on their faces and in their caps and gowns and walked to Morley Gate to try to enter the U.S. one by one, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

The event was live streamed on the “Bring Them Home” Ustream page. A group of demonstrators stood outside the Nogales border chanting “Bring Them Home,” and in Spanish, “Undocumented, Unafraid.”

On Twitter the hastags #Dream9 and #BringThemHome have gone viral as hundreds of people are tweeting their support for the group.

Congressman Luis Gutierrez took to his Facebook to show his support for the DREAMers.

“I have heard about the DREAMers who attempted to return home to the United States today after deportation, including my constituent Lulu Martinez from Chicago. I hope the Obama administration will do the right thing and let them back in. To make us whole in immigration reform, I believe that people deported without a criminal record should be able to apply to return in the US. -LVG.”

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