Rosie Rivera gave birth to a baby girl- in her car! (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Jenni Rivera’s sister gives birth in an unlikely location

Jenni Rivera’s sister Rosie Rivera gave birth to her baby daughter in a surprise place: her car.

The sister of the late Mexican-American superstar explained on Twitter how her beautiful daughter was born in a “special place” on Wednesday.

“Thank you God for giving me a healthy, beautiful and strong baby girl. She wasn’t born in water, she wasn’t born in a hospital, she was born in another very special place,” Rivera tweeted.

Pedro Rivera, Rosie Rivera’s father told Univision that the birth of his granddaughter took them by surprise. He said Rosie realized she was having the baby sooner than expected as they were driving.

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The new mom followed up to her first tweet by saying that her daughter was born on a Wednesday, just like her late aunt Jenni (who Rosie calls Chay) and her cousin Chiquis.

And Rosie did not forget about her sister Jenni as she shared the news of her daughters birth. She tweeted out that La Diva de la Banda was watching over her and her baby as she gave birth.

”Yesterday was Tuesday and today I saw my sister. Thank you God because today, on a Wednesday, Chay helped pass a beautiful baby girl from your arms into my arms.”

Congrats Rosie!

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