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Opinion: Did Dream 9 go too far?

A firestorm of disagreement among immigrant activists erupted when the Dream 9, a group of undocumented people brought to the country as kids, were arrested and … Read More

As Congress debates citizenship pathway, question is how many new citizens would follow

For all its hurdles, an immigration reform bill could still cross the finish line in the House. The bigger question might be how many new citizens would follow … Read More

Mami Real Talk: Who will take care of my kids if something happens?

As I'm sipping coconut water on a flight to Las Vegas, I'm actually looking forward to experiencing their 100-plus degree weather. My husband has to go there … Read More

A few “pernil y arroz” fundraisers later, a successful scholarship fund for students

In 1994, Ileana Velazquez says she was browsing through a section of the local Danbury, Connecticut newspaper where the name of all the high school graduates -- … Read More

Comedian Paul Rodriguez to host Tejano Music National Convention, talks about Selena

Besides working as chairman of the California Latino Water Coalition and raising awareness of the importance of organ transplantation within the Latino … Read More

Food blogs we love: Sazón Boricua

Who's blogging: My name is Jeanette Quiñones and I was born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Although I have a degree in Political Science and years of … Read More

Telemundo Latin America news roundup — July 30, 2013

The latest Latin America news in under 59 seconds. A water main break in Brazil has claimed the life of a three-year-old child and injured at least seven … Read More

McCain: ‘We are either going to act or not act’ on reform, no need for ‘20,000 more border agents’

It's countdown to the Congressional August recess, and for immigration reform proponents, it is an even stronger reason to press legislators before they leave … Read More

Chicago lottery winner shares her plans after getting the good news

Lilia Martinez was grocery shopping with her sisters when she bought a $1 The Good Life instant lottery ticket -- as is her custom every week at the same Jewel … Read More

Crime-fighting mom, who caught daughter’s kidnappers, tracks down stolen car

An Albuquerque, New Mexico mother has been reunited with her stolen car after hundreds of people shared her photo on Facebook. But this wasn't just any … Read More