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Anthony Weiner’s ‘Carlos Danger’ alias taken? Here’s 5 other ‘Latin lover’ suggestions

So what is it about the Spanish (cue the rolling r's) that ignites the sexual imagination of so many people?  It's no coincidence that Anthony Weiner chose as … Read More

How to make: Pork tinga tostadas

Like many of Mexico’s most beloved dishes, the exact origin of the popular stew called tinga is subject to a debate as fiery as the chiles that go in it. Proud … Read More

Republican donors send letter to GOP: “Take action” on immigration

Former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, who started a political action committee, Republicans for Immigration Reform, organized more than 100 business … Read More

Cruz: Republicans not willing to stand against Obamacare

The conservative plan to use the resolution that funds the government to cripple the president's health-care law has a problem, according to GOP Sen. Ted Cruz: … Read More

Tancredo defends Steve King as target of Republican “lynch” mob

Though DREAMers, immigrant advocates, Democrats and Republicans called Congressman's Steve King's comments about marijuana-lugging DREAMers "hateful" and … Read More

Manos Accelerator: a startup to help launch Latino entrepreneurs

After seeing that less than one percent of venture-backed startups were founded by Latinos, Ed Avila, Silvia Flores and David Lopez joined forces to change that … Read More

Forte singer Fernando Varela: “America’s Got Talent” could be ticket to opera dreams come true

The countdown to the live rounds of “America’s Got Talent” at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall are officially underway - but Forte member Fernando Varela … Read More

Opinion: Hispanic economic mobility through community, not government

If there’s one thing on which America’s conservative and progressive policy wonks can agree, it’s that education is key to an individual’s ability to climb the … Read More

Cafecito: James Cruz talks about branding artists Diddy, Missy Elliott and 50 Cent

On this episode of Cafecito, we are joined by the President of Bad Boy Management and the President and Creator, James Cruz. The proud … Read More

Wanting to give your kids more than you had – without spoiling them

This weekend, I took Enzo to swimming class, afterwards we went to a French bakery and then to the playground in Washington Square Park. That was just on … Read More