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Forget the Alamo: Texas official tells Latino boxer to take his promo tour elsewhere

It's being called the fight of the year in boxing, and the two fighters will be in Alamo Plaza tomorrow to promote the bout. But the Texas Land Commissioner, … Read More

WATCH -Latina state Senator fights Texas abortion bill: “This is about women’s health”

One week after an 11-hour fillibuster by Texas Senator Wendy Davis, round two of an intense fight over proposed abortion legislation gets underway today in … Read More

Latina Leaders: Juana Bordas, and her new book, “The Power of Latino Leadership”

Juana Bordas says she was born to be a social worker, and at 70, she is proudly celebrating 50 years of social service. But Bordas has done much more than that, … Read More

Jenni Rivera’s sister: “She never allowed herself to stay in pain” -TODAY exclusive

Last year the sudden death of Mexican-American superstar Jenni Rivera shocked the world when her plane crashed in Mexico. Thanks to Rivera's family, the memoir … Read More

Student loan interest rates set to double today

Interest rates on federal student loans are set to jump to 6.8 percent on Monday, July 1, now that Congress has gone home for the holiday without taking action. … Read More

A time to chill: cool down with these icy Latino recipes

Whether you call it granizado or raspado, mantecado or helado, icy and refreshing recipes are perfect for extinguishing summer’s hottest days. Today we bring … Read More

Opinion: On immigration bill, House has no more excuses

Last week, Vice President Joe Biden presided over a historic vote.  Before a jubilant crowd of spectators in the Senate gallery, the “Gang of Eight’s” … Read More

“The Glades” star Carlos Gomez: the season’s big reveal, and playing positive Latino roles

Fans of the crime drama “The Glades” know that there’s always much more to a crime scene then meets the eye. And crime solving just happens to be the task that … Read More

6 tips to help your child avoid summer learning loss

During the summer, students can lose up to 3 months of academic skills and knowledge. In fact, all students experience some degree of learning loss if they … Read More