(AP Photo/Samantha Sais)

Dream 9 closer to humanitarian asylum

After just over two weeks in detainment, all Dream 9 members are getting closer to their ultimate goal of humanitarian asylum.  Following an interview last week, an asylum officer determined that all 9 had credible fear of persecution if they were not allowed to return to the U.S.

According to the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, Dream 9 has not been released from the Eloy Detention Center in Arizona. The nine Dreamers turned themselves in at Morley Gate in Nogales two weeks ago and have been detained ever since.

NIYA, Latino Rebels, and the Dream Activist Coalition have been rallying supporters throughout the country through Twitter and Facebook using the hash tags #bringthemhome and #DREAM9. Their next goal is to get the Dream 9 released.

“It is a huge victory, but we are urging our supporters to continue pressing for the immediate release of all nine,” said Domenic Powell, media director for NIYA, in an email. “There is no reason that any of them should continue to be held.”

During their detention, the Dreamers have also been criticized for their actions.  David Leopold, an prominent immigration attorney, has said that while he admires their passion and courage, “once you walk out of the U.S. – that there is a game changer.”

Leopold has also stated that the Dream 9 have shifted national attention away from the lack of immigration legislation coming from the House.

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