Ricky Martin is apologizing for tweeting out an edited video of Maduro where he appears to confuse the Puerto Rican and Cuban flags.

Ricky Martin apologizes for offending Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro

Ricky Martin is apologizing for offending Nicolas Maduro.

That’s right, the Livin’ La Vida Loca singer was feuding with none other than the President of Venezuela. It all began when Martin tweeted out a video in which President Maduro appeared to confuse the Puerto Rican flag with the Cuban flag. But the video was edited, which gave the impression that Maduro confused the flags when in fact he did not.

Martin tweeted out his apology on Wednesday.

“Venezuela, I love you and I distinguish you . Lesson learned: Never RT if you don’t know for sure. I don’t want you to think that I intended to intervene in your politics. I never meant to offend but instead to share. Peace,” he tweeted in Spanish.

On August 2nd, Maduro was in Caracas giving the Rómulo Gallegos International Novel Prize to author Eduardo Lalo. The video of his speech at the event was edited so that Maduro was heard talking about Cuba while gesturing to the Puerto Rican flag.

Martin shared the video on his Twitter account and called out Maduro for supposedly confusing the similar flags, but has since deleted the tweet. Thousands responded to Martin’s message which said, “Maduro confused the Puerto Rican flag with the Cuban flag.” And the Venezuelan president didn’t stay quiet, posting a video showing that he could in fact tell the two flags apart.

But the fight between the two didn’t last long. Maduro readily accepted the Puerto Rican star’s apology and took to his Twitter account to show that there were no hard feelings:

“A lesson in humility to everyone from Ricky Martin, I congratulate you. Venezuela also loves you. Viva Puerto Rico,” he said.


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