Cafecito: Dolores Huerta talks sexism, immigration and Cesar Chavez

On this episode of Cafecito, we are joined by legendary civil rights and migrant worker rights advocate, Dolores Huerta. The 83-year-old Mexican-American leader joined us at the Voto Latino Power Summit to discuss teaming up with activist Cesar Chavez to form the National Farm Workers Association, working to bring feminism to the forefront of the civil rights movement and her thoughts on the current immigration reform bill.

For more information on the Dolores Huerta Foundation and the history of migrant rights advocacy, visit Be sure to join us for the conclusion of our interview with Dolores Huerta when she talks to us about her motivation to continue to fight for the working poor and her hopes for the upcoming film, Chavez.

Feliciano Garcia – Producer/Host
Kevin Fusco – Editor
Brian Caraveo – DOP
Steven Diaz – Camera
Basilisa Alonso – Intern
Raisa Carmago – Intern
Beats by Z MusiK for Humbled Soul Productions

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