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Sony TV to produce “El Mariachi” series without consent of creator Robert Rodriguez

Sony TV will develop a new series based on the popular 1992 Robert Rodriguez film “El Mariachi”  – but the famous filmmaker is not involved, making the show one that will certainly lack Rodriguez’s special big screen touch.

According to Deadline, Sony TV executives “reached out to Rodriguez only once to say that they were ‘thinking’” about adapting the Austin, Texas-based filmmaker’s “El Mariachi” series for television.

The industry blog is also reporting that Rodriguez is not involved in the show at all and calls from his team to Sony were not returned with regards to the TV show based on his characters.

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“El Mariachi” – which inspired the 1995 sequel “Desperado” and 2003’s “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” – was originally produced as a straight-to-video film but was purchased by Colombia Pictures and distributed nationwide as “the cheapest feature ever released by a major studio.”

The film earned critical acclaim for the use of both classic Mexican film and U.S. western movie elements and won the Sundance Audience Award in 1993.

The new Spanish-language series will be produced in Mexico and will feature the “country’s best talent,” promises the press release. Like the original film, the series will revolve around the adventures of musician Martin Aguirre who escapes the deadly reach of a notorious drug cartel.

Neither Rodriguez or Sony were available for comment.

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