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How does Netflix figure out what movie you want to see? Meet one of its “brains”

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‘Bibles, Badges and Business’ bipartisan group makes push for immigration reform

A group of bipartisan faith, law enforcement and business leaders are doing all they can to push members of the House of Representatives to vote in favor of … Read More

“Don’t give up”: With family’s help, Latina with autism is in college, pursuing career

Southern California mom Rita Meza has six kids. Her oldest, Samantha, was diagnosed with classic autism at age four and 1/2. Samantha is now 24-years-old and in … Read More

Top movies to see Labor Day weekend-all with great Latino actors

Labor Day may represent the unofficial end to summer, but luckily, there are still fantastic films that beg to be seen during a hot day this weekend.  From … Read More

Fergie gives birth, names new son Axl

And baby makes three! Fergie gave birth to a baby boy on Thursday, Aug. 29 and the little one is destined become a rocker like his momma with the name … Read More

Fast food workers strike, demand better wages

On Thursday, labor organizers held a series of strikes across the country at McDonald’s and Burger King restaurants demanding a pay increase to $15 an hour. The … Read More

Opinion: NAHJ political snafu proves Latinos need to start working together

Little did I know that a simple Facebook message from my friend Bob Quasius of Cafe con Leche Republicans would cause the head of the National Association of … Read More

Opinion: Tucson, Arizona schools deport Mexican-American writers from curriculum – again!

Warning.  This post contains mind-altering thoughts banned in Arizona. It's always banned book week for Mexican Americans.However, Tucson Unified School … Read More

An August surprise? ‘Avalanche of opposition’ didn’t happen, say immigration reform advocates

Call it the August surprise. The 'epic battle' between those for and against immigration reform, which was supposed to be waged in town halls across the country … Read More

Christina Aguilera writes epic love letter to fans, “to tell you openly how I feel”

Christina Aguilera has faced brutal scrutiny about her weight, parenting style, personal life and of course, her music, but the highly private singer wants to … Read More