Rep. Xavier Becerra supports limited US strike in Syria: “Morally irresponsible for us not to do something”

California Democratic Congressman Xavier Becerra  confirmed to the White House he will vote “yes” on intervening in Syria, but with limitations, following what the Obama Administration calls very strong evidence of the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons against rebels in the country.

Today, Rep. Becerra told MSNBC’s Chris Jansing, “I support a limited, targeted strike,” that includes multiples targets as long as it is doesn’t surpass 60 days. Becerra said intervening in Syria should act as a deterrent to other countries like Iran and North Korea.  Becerra said he’s been supportive of a limited strike since the beginning, adding that it would be “morally irresponsible for us not to do something.”

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Becerra told Jansing the Obama Administration will win votes as long as the focus doesn’t shift to long-term intervention in Syria’s civil war or an attempt to change the regime. Becerra added that both he and the American people are fed up with war and do not want to see “another Iraq.” Becerra was one of the few representatives to vote against U.S. involvement in Iraq.

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