Aztec dancers kick off United Tribes event in North Dakota

An annual event that draws thousands of people to Bismarck, North Dakota started on Friday.

Hundreds of people arrived for the first Grand Entry of this year’s United Tribes International PowWow.

The event has become famous for the dancing that takes place during the Grand Entries.

Traditional and fancy dancing from Northern Plains Tribes are the most common types of demonstrations spectators see.

However this year, the Xipetotec Aztec Dancers from Mexico will provide an entirely different style of dancing.

“I have three daughters, it’s very important to me that they pick up on this and continue it, it’s not something that’s taught in schools so it’s up to us to teach it and to our younger generation and hopefully they continue it with their kids and grandkids,” says dancer Manuel Garcia.

The Aztec Dancers will be performing during the Grand Entry Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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