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INNOVATOR: Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez, performed most extensive face-transplant in history

Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez made history last year when he performed the most extensive face transplant in history. His patient was Richard Norris, a man who spent … Read More

Cruz, GOP Latinos versus Dems on budget, health care showdown

Senator Ted Cruz has been tirelessly fighting against the Affordable Care Act and now blamed a possible government shutdown on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid … Read More

Life in Puerto Rico becomes costlier amid crisis

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Sweat gathered on the back of Gilberto Olivo's shirt as he tried to divert attention from his resume at a recent job fair in the … Read More

Houston cheerleader with Down Syndrome prevented from cheering; called ‘liability’

A miscommunication between a mother and Deer Park High School officials that almost prevented a freshman with Down syndrome from cheering appears to be … Read More

Hispanic nurses go to communities, answer questions on new health care law

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses and the National Black Nurses Association have teamed up to help explain the Affordable Care Act to hundreds of … Read More

Opinion: On immigration reform, we need an Office of Sense and Sanity

CHICAGO -- With the on-again, off-again chances of achieving wide-ranging immigration reform, there's much to be exasperated about. But more frustrating are the … Read More

Democratic leaders push for immigration reform, look for GOP support

House Democratic leaders continue to push for immigration reform, saying that they are entering a key moment compared to the previous nine months of their … Read More

New documentary highlights Jessica Alba, Becky G, Marco Rubio and more on identity

Teen rapper Becky G, Senator Marco Rubio and designer to the stars Rolando Santana don’t seem to have much in common, but they’re all chiming in on how their … Read More

Dominican Republic to end citizenship for Haitian-descended residents

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Experts warned Friday that a Dominican court decision to strip citizenship from children of Haitian migrants could cause a … Read More

Opinion: Defense of Little Miss Hispanic Delaware proves we have much more to do

When Latino Rebels published the story of Little Miss Hispanic Delaware early Wednesday morning after receiving a community pitch from the @djolder, little did … Read More