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2013 NCLR ALMA Awards: The honorees, the fashion and the night’s biggest moments

"Because we're on MSNBC we gotta talk a little politics, right?" joked host Mario Lopez as he kicked off the ALMA Awards Friday evening."Why don't we talk about … Read More

Urban Baby Blog: My transvaginal ultrasound

The other day, I needed a transvaginal ultra sound. You know, that thing Republican men want you to get when you have an unplanned pregnancy. Why? Because I … Read More

After floods, uncertainty and displacement for Colorado immigrants

The recent floods in Colorado have left undocumented immigrants living in mobile home parks with little to nothing to come home to. Sonia Marquez, north … Read More

Survey: more religiously-unaffiliated Latinos, less connection with GOP

The growth in the ranks of Latinos who do not affiliate with any religious ideology rivals the rise in numbers of Latino evangelicals, according to a survey … Read More

President Obama will appoint two more Latinos to Kennedy Center Board

President Barack Obama announced that he will appoint two more Latinos to the Kennedy Center Honors board, a move that comes weeks after the organization named … Read More

Latinos in science and engineering unite to mentor, steer students into STEM

Maria Pizarro, executive vice president research and development of TriReme Medical -- an organization which makes minimally invasive medical devices to treat … Read More

Opinion: Why Republicans will win over Latino voters

When I joined the Republican National Committee earlier this year as Deputy Political Director and National Director for Hispanic Initiatives, friends and … Read More

Weekend Cocktail: Cilantro-spiced tequila

Did you try the flavor-packed recipe for sofrito - rich with bell pepper, onion, garlic, tomatoes and cilantro -  that we shared earlier this week? It’s the … Read More

Opinion: How Ted Cruz’s braggadocio could backfire

Ted Cruz’s braggadocio is the size of Texas. Just six months after moseying into Washington he’s challenged hallowed norms and all but disregarded the marching … Read More

Olga Tañon recruits artists Gloria Trevi, Larry Hernandez for immigration reform campaign

Recording artist Olga Tañon is leading the way in a star-studded effort to campaign for immigration reform, recruiting fellow musicians to speak up on behalf of … Read More