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7 Essential tips for new smartphone owners

Smartphones have become so sophisticated that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the features and pre-installed apps that confront us when we first power up … Read More

Stressed out? Easy relaxation techniques to improve your mental and physical health

When our body is under stress, hormones are released to help us fight whatever threat we see coming.  Unfortunately, non-stop stress leads to many medical … Read More

Latina Leaders: Alejandra Ceja, on a mission to increase Latino education

Last week was a big week for education, and Alejandra Ceja, the recently appointed executive director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence … Read More

Mexican Actess Itatí Cantoral to play Jenni Rivera in TV series

Mexican actress Itatí Cantoral, said she will play the role of Jenni Rivera in a ten episode show that is set to detail the life of la Diva de la … Read More

Path to citizenship remains central question in immigration bill debate

WASHINGTON — As Congress wrestles with immigration legislation, a central question is whether the 11 million immigrants already in the United States illegally … Read More

In 5th attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida, Diana Nyad makes it through her first night

HAVANA (AP) -- U.S. endurance swimmer Diana Nyad's team says she made it through her first night in the Straits of Florida with almost no sightings of poisonous … Read More

Opinion: Short-timers may teach us something

When I started my teacher-training program a decade ago, I thought I'd be teaching for the rest of my life. Full of hope that I could make a difference in the … Read More

Putting a face to 11 million undocumented – through art

Hundreds of people all over the nation are taking their photos and posting them on public spaces as part of “Inside Out 11M,” an art project that hopes to give … Read More

Great reads: “Necropolis,” “Traveler of the Century” and “Caviar with Rum”

When Argentine writer Andrés Neuman (Buenos Aires, 1975) was still a teenager, his parents decided they didn’t want to live in a country ruled by neo-liberal … Read More

Phone service “Lifeline” for low-income families becomes conservative target

Millions of low-income Latinos are taking advantage of “Lifeline,” a program that helps them have access to basic telephone services. But with talks of … Read More