Raul Reyes on MSNBC: GOP holds “unsustainable position” on health care

With the start of healthcare exchanges and with one-third of Hispanics uninsured, NBC Latino Contributor Raul Reyes joined The Cycle to discuss the Affordable Care Act’s benefits for the Latino community, how Latinos will help the Affordable Care Act and why some  Hispanics in the Senate and House — such as GOP Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio — oppose the law.

“Latinos are disproportionately affected by conditions such as AIDS/HIV, asthma, diabetes, heart disease. So our community could benefit from the type of coverage the Affordable Care Act provides,” said Reyes. “These conditions are largely preventable with care.”

When asked why Senators Rubio and Cruz, as well as Representative Raul Labrador, are voting “no” on “Obamacare,” Reyes said, “It’s unfortunate. I just think these people are truly not representative of our community at large.”

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