Fox News host asks Nicaraguan co-host if she “grew up on tacos”

Tacos are a hand-held treat, eaten as a meal or snack in Mexico. Not in Puerto Rico or Panama – just in Mexico. And news flash: not all Hispanics are Mexican. But that’s a lesson that “Fox & Friends” co-host Bil Kilmeade learned the hard way when he assumed that Nicaraguan co-host Maria Molina must have grown up on tacos – because she’s Hispanic.

It’s started out innocently enough, on Friday, Oct. 4, which happens to be National Taco Day (did you know there was such a thing? Good – neither did we). And naturally, morning cable show ‘Fox & Friends” did a segment showcasing DIY-tacos to celebrate. During the segment, Kilmeade asked Molina how to best assemble a taco, adding “You grew up on tacos, correct?”

“No, I did not grow up on tacos,” replied Molina, who grew up in Florida and graduated with honors from Florida State University. Co-host Steve Doocy then interrupted, telling the folks at home that Molina is “Colombian.”

“I’m Nicaraguan,” Molina said – with just a tiny bit of impatience –  “and it’s not a native food.”

But then, Elizabeth Hasselbeck – formerly of ABC’s “The View” – jumped in to save the day.

“But if you did,” pressured Hasselbeck. “If you did grow up on tacos…”

Luckily, Molina diverted the attention from her lack of Mexican genes back to the table spread with all the fixings for fish tacos. That’s right, tacos:  a meal that’s now as mainstream as ketchup and apple pie.

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