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Gay Boricua boxer Orlando Cruz will wear rainbow shorts, pink gloves in upcoming fight

Puerto Rican Featherweight boxer Orlando Cruz – the first in his sport to come out as openly gay – will support two causes as he steps into the ring in Las Vegas in an upcoming bout against  Orlando Salido as part of the Timothy Bradley vs. Juan Manuel Marquez event on October 12.

Cruz will wear rainbow-colored boxing trunks and clothes in support of the LGBT community, and he will pink and black boxing gloves in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The rainbow-colored trunks and the pink gloves are all by Everlast.

Everlast_crop_north (1)

The 32-year-old boxer came out in 2012, and will marry his partner Jose Manuel on November 16, according to Yahoo News.


Boxer Orlando Cruz, at left, and fiance Jose Manuel. Photo/Twitter

When Cruz publicly came out as a gay man, he told Yahoo Sport’s Kevin Iole: “I was scared,” saying he had to see a psychologist to help him work through his feelings.

“I was worried about other boxers. I was worried about the fans. I would cry many, many nights thinking about it.”

Cruz has become an inspiration to many, as seen in the tweet below:

Puerto Rican newspapers did report that the gay boxer received criticism for using the Puerto Rican flag as part of his outfit.  Cruz defended his attire, saying  “Siempre voy a mantener mi bandera en alto. Pido disculpas a todos los ‘fans’ de Puerto Rico. No era mi intención causar un escándalo. Estaré con Puerto Rico y mi bandera hasta mi muerte.”  (“I will always hold my flag up high.  I apologize to all the Puerto Rico “fans.”  It was not my intention to cause a scandal.  I will be with Puerto Rico and my flag until death.”)

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