(Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), spoke at the Values Voter Summit, held by the Family Research Council, on October 11, 2013 in Washington, DC. and was confronted by immigration reform activists. Photo/Andrew Burton/Getty Images )

Ted Cruz gains popularity among conservatives, poll shows

Despite the news that the Republican Party and Ted Cruz are losing national popularity because of the government shutdown, the Texas Tea Party Senator has proven to be the favorite among conservatives, the Values Voter straw poll showed.

Conservative activists favor Cruz by 42 percent, giving him almost three times more support than the second on the list, Ben Carson, who got 13 percent.

Among other conservative favorites were former presidential candidate Rick Santorum, Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, all who received fewer than 13 percent support.

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Cruz said he was “very grateful to know that there are Americans across the country who are standing with him as he stands for your values in Washington, D.C.,” Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council President told NBC News.

But Cruz’s favoritism is only among the conservatives.

A recent NBC/WSJ poll found that nationally, only 14 percent of voters polled have a favorable view of Cruz.

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“If you seek out liberal Obama supporters and ask them their views, they’re going to tell you they’re liberal Obama supporters. That’s not reflective of where this country is,” Cruz told NBC about the poll.

During the Values Voters Summit in Washington D.C. Friday, Cruz also took the time to address his critics by calling them “paid political operatives.”

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The NBC/WSJ poll also showed that 28 percent of Americans polled view Cruz negatively, and 14 percent give him a favorable rating.

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