MSNBC Mash-up: Immigration back in the spotlight

The government shutdown is over and the president wants to make way for immigration reform, or at least that was his message yesterday when he counted immigration reform as one of three top priorities on his agenda. Today, MSNBC’s dayside shows proved that immigration is on everyone lips again with a variety of guests discussing the feasibility of reform by December, particularly after the partisanship that led to a government shutdown.

Luis Miranda, former White House Hispanic media director joined a panel on The Daily Rundown, saying with optimism, “There’s never been so much bipartisan support,” for immigration reform.

Miranda also said there’s no reason not to move forward on reform, adding that issues such as border security are merely, “an excuse,” before touting the Senate’s bill.

Less than hour later, Rep. Luis Gutierrez spoke at length with MSNBC’s Richard Liu, proclaiming that reform can be done, and with bipartisanship. He projected reform before Christmas of this year. He also spoke to the importance of the President saying reform was at the top of his agenda.

“I think what the President said is very important. You notice that we’re all talking about immigration again. That’s what the President can do,” said Gutierrez.

Despite the President’s push for reform, the founder of the Wise Latina Club, Viviana Hurtado, wasn’t so optimistic that there would be a bipartisan solution in the near future. Hurtado told MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts that rather than learning a lesson from the government shutdown debacle, “I believe the extreme wing of the GOP is doubling down on their party of no message,” reacting to Rep. Raul Labrador’s (R-ID) recent comments that after the shutdown Republicans were not going to just come to the table and agree on immigration reform.

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