8-year-old chases man who steals his mother’s purse, calls it “shocking, scary and sad”

Two young children were sitting inside of a car at a Houston, Texas gas station when a man opened the door to steal their mother’s purse.

“We were just watching him, like what is he doing, we were just looking at him, and I blink my eye, and I see him open the car door really fast, I told my sister just stay here, don’t do anything,” said 8-year-old Jose Alonso.

Security footage shows Jose fighting over his mother’s purse with the suspect. The man managed to snatch it away, but that’s when Jose took matters into his own hands.

“I was scared a little bit, but I told myself just go with it,” said Alonso.

Surveillance cameras captured Jose as he jumped out of the vehicle, with only one shoe on, and ran after the suspect.

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