Getting some ink? What to know about tattoos and body piercing

Tattooing and body piercing are increasingly popular in the U.S.  In February 2012, a Harris Group poll reported that 21 percent of all U.S. adults report had one tattoo.  Curiously, 11 percent actually have had their tattoo removed.  But how safe are tattoos and body piercing, and what should you know about these procedures if you are going to do get one? NBC Latino contributor Dr. Joseph Sirven shares some tips.

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Dr. Joe Servin -nbc-final

Dr. Joseph Sirven is a first-generation Cuban-American. He is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurology and was past Director of Education for Mayo Clinic Arizona. He is editor-in-chief of and has served U.S. and global governmental agencies including the Institute of Medicine, NASA, FAA, NIH and CDC.

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