Rep. Grijalva on prospects of immigration reform, and need to fix healthcare glitches

Hours after the President acknowledged serious glitches with, Arizona Democrat Rep. Raúl Grijalva appeared on MSNBC, saying it was “important” for the President to admit that the site isn’t up to speed.

“It was important to hear from the President that we have problems, some of them are serious problems, and it’s preventing real access to the health care system and to registration,” said the Rep. Grijalva. “And those provide cannon fodder for the opposition.”

Grijalva went on to discuss the need for the Spanish-language version of, citing the many Latinos in his district in need of health care.

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts also used the segment as an opportunity to ask the Congressman about immigration reform, particularly whether or not there would be reform by the President’s December deadline.

“I think we’re going to play out, unfortunately, part of the scenario that we saw with the majority in terms of what we were doing with the budget and the debt ceiling,” said Grijalva, who noted that it will all come down to House Speaker John Boehner’s ability to put something on the floor. “If Mr. Boehner does that, I’m very optimistic that we have a very good shot at passing something and then going to conference.”

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