Immigration reform “beneficial to all of us” says Oregon farmer in need of workers

TALENT, OR – Ron Meyer, the owner of a pear orchard says it has been tougher to have workers to pick his produce during the last couple of seasons.

In recent years, he has seen a decrease in immigrants available to do what the owner says is tough work that most locals do not want to do.

“The border is being sealed ever tighter – and it’s virtually impossible for them to get a green card,” says Meyer.

One of the issues, as a Pew report has pointed out, is that since 2007 the United States has seen a decrease in migrant workers looking for jobs, with many going back to Mexico.

“Moisés,” a Mexican immigrant who works in the orchard, says it is hard work, but he is doing it for his family. He dreams of going back to Mexico and says he would be happier surrounded by his family, but is here for the work.

The orchard owner says a guest worker program is needed to help farmers like him ensure they have the labor they need to keep their businesses going.

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