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Cafecito: America Ferrera talks about growing up in LA and why Latinos “can’t be ignored anymore”

On this episode of Cafecito, we are joined by actress, producer and activist, America Ferrera . The proud Hondureña, who’s poised to play a justice-seeking nun … Read More

Two Hispanics first up in Senate’s nomination fight

The Senate was due to take up President Barack Obama's nominations Wednesday morning with the tapping of a woman who could be the administration's top-ranking … Read More

A Latina teacher successfully prepares and educates at-risk students, one lesson at a time

Wanda Longoria, a 32-year veteran teacher currently at the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio Texas, is using an innovative social networking … Read More

Opinion: The leaders who matter

CHICAGO -- In your opinion, who is the most important white leader in the country today? Oooooh ... sets your teeth on edge, doesn't it? But here's … Read More

How a TX 10-year-old and his friends fight back against muscular dystrophy

There is nothing like playing outside with good friends for 10-year-old Kyle, Texas resident Amadeo Andrade. "I usually win hide and seek," said Amadeo. … Read More

Rihanna criticizes Dominican Republic for having roaches the “size of a bat”

Rihanna has sold out hundreds of concerts around the globe but it looks like she may not be welcomed warmly in the Dominican Republic after slamming the island … Read More

Agreement to block parts of Alabama immigration law

Civil rights groups said Tuesday they have an agreement to permanently block parts of a tough Alabama immigration law. The agreement, not yet approved by a … Read More

After almost losing their lives during Hurricane Sandy, family thanks ‘hero’ undocumented immigrant

Xiomara Abarca still remembers vividly when just one year ago she thought she and her 4-year-old son wouldn’t make it alive out of their apartment in Staten … Read More

Opinion: Website will be fixed, Obamacare already helping uninsured Latinos

Like Charlie Brown and the football, critics keep kicking at Obamacare, missing badly and ending up with mud on their faces. Sadly they are at it again, this … Read More

Conservatives press House to advance immigration reform

Vince Gonzales said he doesn't travel much outside the Latino evangelical world as a Texas pastor. But there he was Tuesday among a very diverse crowd at the … Read More