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Opinion: When immigrants arrive as victims

Even though our maddening and broken immigration system probably won't be reformed for at least another few years, there are small pockets of common sense to be … Read More

Encouraging more low-income and first-generation students to earn a degree

WASHINGTON -- Sometimes, all it takes is a $7 burrito gift card to get high school seniors to submit their college applications early. "You always have some … Read More

Border Patrol adds EMTs to regular air patrols

McALLEN, Texas  -- Faced with increased numbers of immigrants crossing the border illegally in South Texas and getting into trouble in the vast ranchlands north … Read More

For your holiday gift-giving list, 5 great reads by Latino and Caribbean authors

If you are searching for a good book to give one of your loved ones - or yourself - on this holiday season, consider one of the following recently published … Read More

Latino groups: L.A. redistricting reduces Hispanic voter influence

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration is aggressively pursuing lawsuits over minority voting rights in Texas and North Carolina, but the Justice Department has … Read More

Obama, first lady drop in on immigration reform fasters

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama dropped in Friday on the people who have been staging a fast  for more than three weeks and their … Read More

Immigration debate forces clash on the morality of U.S. law

Gaunt and weak, Eliseo Medina speaks about his three-week fast as "spiritual warfare." He's petitioned Americans to join his "moral force" to get House Speaker … Read More

Have Thanksgiving turkey leftovers? 3 delicious ways to use them

The Thanksgiving feast may be over, but here's a disappointing newsflash for moms and dads who might have spent days preparing for the meal - you'll have to … Read More

A basketball team works to expand its Latino fans

BROOKLYN, NY - It’s only the second year for the Brooklyn Nets, but the team has certainly wasted no time capturing headlines. During the offseason the team … Read More

Debating when to move out of Mami and Papi’s house

Do you think there is an “appropriate” age to move out of the house?  Should there be? Should the age be different if you’re female or male? These are the … Read More