Bachata singer Toby Love gets “butterflies” about album, Latin Grammy nomination

Bachata singer Toby Love said he still gets the “butterflies” thinking about the release of his latest album “Amor Total.”

“It’s just a big celebration, I feel super emotional, super hype. I still feel the butterflies in my stomach, all over,” he said.

The former Aventura backup singer said he is very proud of his career, his four number one singles and his recent Latin Grammy nomination.

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“I think that every artist dreams of winning a Latin Grammy,” Toby Love said. “To me it’s something that’s out of this world, since small, since adolescence.”

The Puerto Rican singer said he has been working hard and is proud of his new album. He said he spent hours in the studio, with sunflower seeds and energy drinks, working on his music.

He has also been recognized for putting an input to his choreographies and being involved with the routines of his live shows.

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And when it comes to his music, Toby Love said he has tried to be different from other bachata artists.

“I play a little bit more with my vocals I’m not scared to take a chance,” Toby Love said. “I’m known for just bringing hard edged love music.”

Video credit: WSCV, WTVJ

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