How to be chic on the cheap: style expert Lilliana Vazquez shares tips

Video by Alessandra Hickson

Style expert Lilliana Vazquez is passionate about finding fabulous fashion in the most frugal way; so much in fact, that she’s branded herself as the “Cheap Chica” during appearances on shows like “TODAY,” ‘The Steve Harvey Show” and “Rachel Ray.” And while shopping like a celebrity requires big bucks – and has the potential to leave you in debt – Vazquez prides herself on finding nearly exact looks but for much, much less.

“My mom is one of 9 and my grandmother is like the Queen Cheap Chica,” says Vazquez, who grew up in large Mexican-American family in Texas. “We had enough money to make us happy, but they placed a really high value on saving and not spending. So I feel that placing a priority on being thrifty was something I always knew.”

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While Vazquez is happy to share her memories of her mother driving out to an outlet more than 30 miles from their home in order to buy name-brand private school gear – “there was no way she was going to pay full price for them!” explains Vazquez, these days the New York resident prefers decidedly more sophisticated fashion.

But it’s all about saving money and “not being a slave to trends,” shares Vazquez, and in her new book “The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style: Secrets to Shopping Cheap and Looking Chic,” she breaks down her style secrets and shopping tips one by one.

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“I think everyone has a little bit of a cheap chica in them,” says Vazquez. “I wanted to take the time to share what I’ve learned over the course of the last 33 years about fashion and shopping, saving and style and what that means to me.”

Watch Vazquez share her top tips for saving money at the mall – and online! – and reveal her favorite essentials for the working girl on a budget.

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