Heroic mother dies after pushing her children out of oncoming car’s path

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Their mom died saving their lives. Now, two young children hit by a car are opening up about the physical and emotional wounds they’re still overcoming.

Police say 28-year-old Sharon Ledesma pushed her son and daughter out of the way of an oncoming car late last month on the West Side.

It was early morning October 23rd at the intersection of Culebra Road and Consuelo.

Sharon Ledesma and her two kids were crossing the street, when the young mother spotted a car headed right for them.

Dominic Rojas still needs crutches, but the 11-year-old insists he’s feeling better. The same goes for his 8-year-old sister Mallory.

“Doing good,” Mallory told us. “I can walk a little.”

It’s been less than three weeks since the accident, which left Dominic with a broken collarbone and broken leg and Mallory with a fractured pelvis. The memories of their final moments with their mom still come back to them in bits and pieces.

“Closing the fence to cross the street,” recalled Dominic.

“We were walking out, and we were going to cross the street,” added Mallory.

“I just remember when my mom, because it was cold that morning,” said Dominic. “So she got in between me and my sister.”

Neither remembers what happened next. But police say the three were crossing Culebra, when a driver changed lanes and hit them.

“And I woke up, and we were just on the floor,” Mallory told us.

It would be several hours later in the hospital that Dominic and Mallory would learn what happened to their mom.

“They said they were going to tell us something about our mom,” Dominic remembers.

“That her brain. It just, it didn’t work no more. So she had just passed away,” said Mallory.

That’s when they found out what she’d done to protect them. “She pushed us out of the way,” Mallory told us.

“Probably saw the car coming and thought of the kids first,” added Dominic.

“My sister died for her kids,” said Carol. “They know what their mom did. They know what their mom did for them,” she told us.

And Dominic and Mallory told her so, shortly before their mom was taken off life support.

“I loved her, and that she did the right thing for us,” said Mallory.

Mallory will be back in school at Loma Park Elementary on Tuesday. There’s no timetable yet for Dominic’s return. Both are currently staying with their grandmother.

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