Dreamers set up ’empty’ Thanksgiving table in front of Boehner’s house, plead for immigration reform

Early this morning a group of Dreamers, their parents and United We Dream advocates held a candlelight vigil and set up a Thanksgiving “table” with some empty chairs in front of House Speaker John Boehner’s house.  The empty chairs, explained the group, was to symbolize those who have been deported due to current immigration policies and will not be home with their families on Thanksgiving, said the group.

“We want you to understand what it’s like for me not to have my father at the table with me next week,” said a Dreamer holding a candle as he spoke looking at Boehner’s door, his voice breaking.

One of the Dreamers and activists who gathered from around the country was Junior Sierra, from Norwalk, Connecticut.

“We have the votes for immigration reform.  We have time left in the congressional calendar and the only thing stopping us is him,” he said, referring to Boehner.

Following the vigil, 11 Dreamers and family members were arrested at Rep. Eric Cantor’s office.

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