Daniel Bottero. (Photo courtesy of Cesar Mieses, midblockmedia.com)

Acclaimed Argentinian painter hopes to encourage others to take risks

Argentinian artist Daniel Bottero left his homeland more than 20 years ago not knowing where life would take him.

“When I use a color, it generates another color, when I make a line, it generates another line, and in life I do the same thing,” Bottero explained.

And although he does not have a precise explanation of how he got to where he is, his work has been shown throughout the world, including in the private collections of Hillary Clinton, Dan Marino, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Al Pacino, Steven Segal and Oscar de la Hoya.

“I feel chosen, I feel extremely lucky and I have an immense desire to encourage others to take the risk of doing it,” Bottero stated. “I decided to take the risk and I did what I wanted to do.”

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Bottero has achieved success in what he loves to do, but his biggest desire is to inspire other artists to live their dreams and to do what they love doing.

Most importantly, Bottero said it’s all about striving to do better and putting in your biggest effort. For him, this philosophy has paid off.

“The more effort I put in it, the luckier I am,” he said.

In his pursuit of art, Bottero left Argentina to study in Italy, then worked in Paris and after that spent more than 20 years building his career in New York City. Most recently, he moved to Miami, where he opened a gallery.

He is currently working on his next series, which is expected in 2014.

“My focus is that my work can be seen, that I can produce a purer version of my work,” Bottero said. “I want it to be about what a person feels when they see my work.”

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His work is currently in display in his gallery for Art Basel Miami Beach week, one of the world’s biggest art festivals.

“I’m proud and I feel that I have to continue giving the best of me so that it can reflect on my country,” he said. “I’m just proud of the effort I’ve put in it.”

“It’s always a lot of work,” Bottero said. “But it’s possible.”

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