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The two sides of Arizona’s SB1070

Arizona's controversial SB1070 immigration law is best understood through the lives of those supporting and opposing the law, which is what filmmakers Carlos … Read More

“Political Football” – GOP grapples with immigration reform

Republicans will mull proposals to overhaul the nation’s immigration system Thursday, casting a new spotlight on possible reforms that have been stalled in … Read More

Year of action may take patience on immigration reform

President Barack Obama dubbed 2014 a year of action, but for those eager for immigration reforms it is for now a year to sit back and wait on … Read More

Lawmakers, first lady put faces to SOTU immigration message

Though no surprises were expected on the immigration front in Tuesday night’s State of the Union, Democrats and the first lady were ensuring the speech had an … Read More

Brain-dead woman’s husband named unborn child

Aware that he would never get to meet her, the husband of a pregnant, brain-dead woman nonetheless named their unborn child before his wife was taken off life … Read More

Immigrant rights group: reform must include citizenship path

Anticipating the release of a House outline on key components of potential immigration reform legislation, a group of immigrants rights organizations put out … Read More

Latino groups announce national voter registration campaign

Two million Latinos in Texas alone are eligible to vote but are not registered, which is why the state is one of seven that two major Latino groups are … Read More

JLo, Pitbull to shake World Cup opening ceremonies

The World Cup opening ceremonies will have a distinctive U.S. Latino flavor - pop superstars JLo and Pitbull will team up with Brazilian singer Claudia Lette in … Read More

Brain-dead Texas woman taken off life support

A pregnant woman who lapsed into a brain-dead state late last year was removed from life support on Sunday after a Texas hospital complied with a judge's order … Read More

Republican trio: economic gains in immigration reform, citizenship not critical

A trio of three Republican dignitaries extolled the economic benefits of immigration reform Friday, but stopped short of calling for citizenship for immigrants … Read More