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Opinion: The stories that had to be told

As we end 2013, this is a chance to reflect on the work I've done with NBC Latino, and the words flow from my head and from my heart. As someone who has been … Read More


Opinion: The U.S. has to deal with Puerto Rico’s “colonial” economic woes

It took me three days to absorb the rather sobering and depressing story in Sunday's Washington Post about the ongoing economic crisis in Puerto Rico. The … Read More


Opinion: ¡Basta ya! Enough with the ignorance about U.S. Latinos

I am done. Done with the engrained perception that U.S. Latinos are not "American enough," that we are these foreign beings who all speak with accents, dance … Read More


Opinion: President Obama can’t allow the “death” of immigration reform

Last month President Obama spoke at the White House in front of a sympathetic crowd of immigration rights groups and told the world the following: "We should … Read More


Opinion: Does the United States even care about Puerto Rico?

A year has passed since Puerto Ricans on the island voted (yet again) in a non-binding plebiscite to determine where they stand on the issue of self-determine … Read More


Opinion: From moderate to “radical,” keep pushing on immigration reform

Recently President Obama spoke publicly about the need to get immigration reform passed. As he was closing his remarks, he said the following to the people … Read More


Opinion: Why I can live without Hispanic Heritage Month

Before I share the reasons as to why I detest Hispanic Heritage Month, I pause to offer a history lesson. Did you know that this whole Hispanic Heritage … Read More


Opinion: A past Latino ‘shared experience’ is a false narrative

Is there really a 'shared Latino history?' This week, the six-hour "Latino Americans" documentary made its national debut. I was one of the few who actually … Read More


Opinion: Two brothers, one dream – and the power of social media

This is a story of two brothers. I am one of those brothers. The other is Fernando Varela, one of the members of FORTE, the multicultural tenor trio that … Read More


Opinion: “Immigrants yes, illegals no” – Daily Caller’s rhetoric and photo a tired and desperate strategy

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and this week Tucker Carlson's The Daily Caller showed its true colors. A piece written by TDC Education Editor … Read More