Latinos take to Twitter with Mega Millions dreams

What would you do with $640 million?

Sure it amounts to only $462 million before taxes but the fun of a jackpot of this size is putting aside reality and dreaming, “What if?” It’s with this spirit that Latinos have taken to twitter to let everyone know how many tickets they scored and what they would do with the money.

Jason Garza from Austin, Texas tweeted that he bought 10 tickets for the Mega Millions. “Figured I already waste money, might as well waste it on a shot at life,” adding ‘I don’t know you when I win’ as a hashtag at the end.

Oscar Osorio (above) says he bought 15 tickets. David Fernandez tweeted that he bought 14 tickets but he employed what he hopes is a winning strategy.

Samuel Rosado, a lawyer from Texas, got caught up in the Mega Millions madness as well, buying 23 tickets.

Asked about his philosophy when it comes to the Mega Millions, Rosado laughed because he says everyone only starts getting really excited when there are extremely large jackpots.

“It’s funny and ironic,” Rosado says. “People like me — it’s as if $70 million wouldn’t change our lives.”

Rosado says he gobbles up tickets on rare occasions though his father is a weekly player. Yet as a lawyer he cautions on Mega Millions office pools at work.

“With the office pool there needs to be an agreement there,” he says. “Does everyone contribute the same amount? Does someone get a less or greater share depending on their contribution? People need to seriously think about this. Without a written agreement with all signatures it could turn into a court action very quickly.”

For most people the dollar signs, vacations and decadent purchases they see when they close their eyes and dream about the Mega Millions jackpot outweigh any other concerns.

Before the sum reached $640 million, California news anchor Leyla Santiago used a reference from the number one movie in America, “The Hunger Games” to prepare people for tonight’s drawing.

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