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Latino children receive more punishment, less access in nation’s schools, says report

Latino and black students are punished more harshly and are suspended at much higher rates than other groups, while having less access to challenging classes … Read More

Opinion: Then and now. Nostalgia for 2008 Super Tuesday

It’s hard to believe that just four years ago Latino voters were rushing to the polls to weigh in on the Democratic presidential nominee. Many of the states … Read More

Latinos react to latest poll on tough Republican primary race

The “no-holds-barred” Republican primary race appears to be taking a toll on the image of the Republican party and its presidential hopefuls, according to a … Read More

A healthy idea: Mexican style quinoa

Consider it the Latino super food of the moment, an inheritance from our Inca ancestors. Quinoa, a small, ancient seed that behaves like a grain but packs the … Read More

Shakira, Andy Garcia hit high notes in music industry and film

  Shakira earns prominent award nomination for humanitarian work Shakira has just received a nomination for the prestigious Prince of Asturias Concord award … Read More

Should you let your pre-teen join Facebook?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms have become online hubs for teens and kids alike, but the question of when children should begin to … Read More

Miami International Film Festival: “La Casa del Ritmo” a labor of love

Newbie director, Javier Andrade, is debuting his first two feature-length films at the Miami International Film Festival this week. “The Porcelain … Read More

Opinion: Latinos in the South, a political piñata

It’s no coincidence that some of the harshest anti-immigration laws have taken root in the South.  These states are reacting not necessarily to the presence of … Read More

Opinion: That jerk in the other car

CHICAGO — My husband has started teaching our oldest son the rules of the road in anticipation of his getting behind the wheel. A few weeks ago, I heard my … Read More

Men and women believe in equal pay and access to contraceptives, says poll

The majority of Latino women and men agree on a woman’s right to have easy access to contraception and to equality between the sexes, says Latina political … Read More