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Opinion: Under the ‘Hood’ racial profiling

This past December, a few hours before Christmas Eve, I set out to buy the ingredients for a coquito, a traditional Puerto Rican drink popular during the … Read More

Opinion: The language of assimilation

CHICAGO — Back in the mid-1700s, German immigrants were the bane of my favorite founding father, Benjamin Franklin, who believed they’d never assimilate into … Read More

Food blogs we love: Peru Delights

Mother-daughter duo Morena Cuadra and Morena Escardo blog about delicious Peruvian dishes like the yummy-looking lomo saltado pictured above and offer cooking … Read More

Study: For adults, immersion language learning best

(OJO Images/Getty Images) It’s a story woven throughout Latino family history in the United States: you might not have known English when you first arrived … Read More

Cancer deaths down, but obesity as risk factor is up

Though cancer-related deaths are down, many Latinos are still at risk. (Photo/Getty Images) While overall cancer death rates have consistently declined since … Read More

Children are not getting their asthma medications, says study

A new study finds parents are filling out less than half of their children’s asthma prescriptions, which worries many doctors. (Photos/Getty Images).      The … Read More

Opinion: Latinos can’t be racists?

In the past few weeks family and friends of George Zimmerman have argued that Trayvon Martin’s death is not a hate crime because Zimmerman wasn’t a racist. … Read More

Passenger David Gonzalez takes down unruly Jet Blue pilot

The scene unfolded at a breakneck pace. Pilot Clayton Osbon stormed out of the cockpit and rushed towards an occupied bathroom. His co-pilot quickly changed the … Read More

Is President Obama losing on the health care “messaging?”

Did the Obama administration lose the “messaging” wars after the historic health care law was passed two years ago?  Today the conservative Supreme Court … Read More

Eva starts dating and J.Lo hooks up …with Pitbull?

 Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull performed together at the 2011 American Music Awards in November (Photo/Getty Images). Eva Longoria to create new dating … Read More