(Clara offers up classic, detailed Dominican recipes at the blog “Aunt Clara’s Kitchen” Photos/Clara González)

Food blogs we love: Aunt Clara’s Kitchen

Food blogs we love: Aunt Clara’s Kitchen   food NBC Latino News

Who’s blogging: I (Clara) do most of the blogging and write all the recipes. Ilana writes special features and articles and once in a while we have guest authors who expound on such diverse subjects as healthy eating for diabetes to the virtues of the coconut tree.

Explain your blog name: Most Dominicans learn how to cook our traditional dishes from their mothers, aunts and grandmas. Since I am not a professional cook I wanted to introduce my readers to our cuisine in the same way their “aunties” would. Our recipes are written in a simple way, with simple words, so even beginners won’t feel intimidated. They come to learn how to cook at Aunt Clara’s Kitchen.

Blogging since: Our websites started in 2001, but we moved to a blog format in 2011, in time to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

Where you’re blogging from: Both Ilana and I live in PuntaCana, Dominican Rep.

Most popular post: I think it has to be the post about the Dominican cake. I often wonder if we should not start a separate blog just for it – it is that popular.

What you’ve learned while blogging: The need for discipline and to have enough material to be covered in case I am not able to produce material for the blog for a certain time. I have enough posts saved to be able to survive at least three months without producing new material. (recipe development and food photography is quite time consuming).

Where do you get ideas for posts from: Recipes are suggested to me by my readers at a speed that I have enough to cover at least a year. In addition we blog about our travels, about the things I cook and serve to my family and occasionally about current events.

What lessons have you learned from blogging:The tremendous importance of networking and the incredible generosity of the blogging community in general.

Where else can we find you online? Our cooking sites are basically twins because our other cooking site (in Spanish) is www.CocinaDominicana.com. I also blog about my life in PuntaCana at www.TheHomeInParadise.com.

What other blogs do you read?: There are so many that I have a hard time choosing. Three of my favorites are mariscakes.blogspot.com, www.cookingwithbooks.blogspot.com and www.deliciosoyligero.com, all food blogs from the Dominican Republic.


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