Olympics Spotlight – Danell Leyva, Gymnastics

Olympic gymnast and 2011 world champion, Danell Leyva, has his eyes set on the gold. Leyva shares with NBC news about escaping form Cuba as a young child and what drives him to be the renowned gymnast that he is today.


  1. […] favorite Olympians – including Latino stars like Ryan Lochte, John Orozco, Danell Leyva – have astounded international audiences with their extraordinary athleticism and captivating […]

  2. […] It’s official – Puerto Rican gymnast, John Orozco, will be one of the men that will represent the United States at the 2012 London games this summer. Orozco automatically qualified this weekend along side his teammate, Cuban Danell Leyva. […]

  3. […] Danell Leyva, Gymnastics (Click here) […]

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