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Zoe Saldana to star in new romantic drama, “The Words”

Looks like Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper are back on. Back on the big screen that is.

The Latina icon will be starring in a new steamy romantic drama, “The Words,” alongside Hollywood hunk and rumored on and off love interest, Cooper.

Cooper plays Rory Jansen a struggling writer who plagiarizes a lost manuscript and takes credit for another man’s successful story. Saldana plays Dora Jansen, Rory’s wife.

The couple’s hot and heavy on- screen chemistry is challenged by Jansen’s moral dilemma and untruthful success. Also, the film unravels the couple’s passionate love as Rory tries to figure out what kind of man he wants to become.

The new poster for the film has been released and shows Saldana and Cooper very cuddled up.

The Dominican and Puerto Rican is a highly acclaimed award-winning actress but still remains humble.

“I just want the best filmmakers in the world to tell me, ‘You’re good, kid, you’re legit.’ The recognition will never get old, and I’ll never get accustomed to it. I don’t ever want to, because that will mean I’m taking it for granted. That’s why I work, not for the luxuries or the awards.” she told Latina.com on her post Avatar effect.

Early June, Saldana was voted “Best Latino Actor” at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. NBCLatino.com chatted with Zoe on what she really thinks about being Latina.

The film premiered in the Sundance Film Festival in January and is scheduled to release on September 7th in theaters.


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