NYC band gets political with “We are all Illegals” music video

One New York City based band could have not picked a better time to release their politically charged music video.

Today, days after the  SB1070 court ruling, Outernational released their bilingual “Todos Somos Ilegales/We Are All Illegals” music video featuring guitarist Tom Morello, Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Residente from Calle 13.

“The idea that in 2012 any human being would be deemed illegal is totally obscene, absurd and obsolete,” said lead singer Miles Solay in a Los Angeles Concert.

The song centers on immigration in the United States and crossing the border. Scenes of the video were shot during the bands “Todos Somos Ilegales” tour with some clips filmed along the Texan border.

The video begins with, Solay, running through the desert and crossing a river. Throughout the music video there are pictures and video clips of hundreds of the urban rock band’s fans holding up signs of their favorite lyrics from the song.

The band has visited and met with students from U.N.I.D.O.S resisting HB2881 and traveled to Arizona to support people opposing SB1070.

They see themselves as, “a revolutionary rock band that’s trying to get people to lift their sights, lift their aspirations, and their imaginations.”

Resident from Calle 13 is known for his powerful political lyrics in songs such as “Quierdo FBI” and “Pal’ Norte.”

“I don’t need any papers, look me in the eyes, so that you can read my accent, forbidden like the drug,” said Residente in his Spanish part of the song.

The band has also released other political songs such as “Ladies of the Night” a tale that brings to life thousands of disappeared women and girls that have been brutalized in Juarez, Mexico.

Outernational will continue its tour in New York on July 11 and then will appear in Chicago, Connecticut and Texas for the remainder of the summer.

“Outernational uncompromisingly tells the truth, and they paint a picture of the world the way they see it and a way that we don’t hear on the radio and television as much as people,” said Tom Morello on the band’s blog.


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