Sebastien De La Cruz crying tears of joy after America’s Got Talent panelist, Howard Stern, sent him to the next round. (America’s Got Talent)

Ten-year-old mariachi hopes to make it to America’s Got Talent’s semifinals

El Charro de Oro stole America’s heart last month when he sang on the NBC’s America’s Got Talent stage for the very first time.

Sebastien De La Cruz, the 10 year-old- San Antonio mariachi, will take the “America’s Got Talent” stage tomorrow to battle it out for a spot in the semifinals.

“I wanna represent my culture and heritage to break the stereotype and show America the beauty of this music(Mariachi),” says De la Cruz.

In Las Vegas, Howard Stern, gave the young mariachi the good news that he had made it in to the quarterfinals.

“It means a lot, it means my whole life, that’s all I wanna do,” said De la Cruz with tear-filled eyes as he exited the Las Vegas studio.

Two quarter-final rounds later it is De la Cruz’s turn to shine on the stage.

“I’m very excited and honored to be share the stage with such talent,” says De La Cruz. “I am very grateful to be in New York, I have never experienced something like this,” he added.

Judge Sharon Osborne has been rooting for Sebastian since the beginning.

“I did not expect that big voice to come out of that little body,” said Osborne in the Las Vegas auditions.

All the contestants competing on July 24 felt that the judges were very supportive and “just there to be judges.”

“I think that Sharon is my favorite judge, that she is very kind and very honest and she is very proud of everybody,” said the young boy about one of the AGT judges.

Fan favorite, De la Cruz, says he is very confident in this performance for tomorrow and excited to be in New York City for the first time.

“The only thing that’s making me nervous is if America will like my music,” says De la Cruz

De la Cruz is only 10 but he has been singing Mariachi since the young age of four. Music runs in his family; his parents are both Mariachi and Tejano singers. They decided to place their son in a Mariachi school at a young age.

“My whole family, they love music, I just love my family, they give me the music and what I do, “said De la Cruz.

El Charro de Oro will appear on “America’s Got Talent” quarterfinals on July 24 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.


  1. Eddie De La Cruz says:

    Sebastien’s parents aren’t Mariachi or Tejano singers though they listen to both genres of music. Sebastien started to sing at the age of five.

  2. Eddie says:

    Both my brother and sister inlaw are not Mariachi and Tejano singers (Sebastien’s)parents. Though they do listen to both genres of music.All whole family loves music as for Sebastien he started singing at the age of five.. just wanted to update !

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