Food blogger Nicole Presley creates Mexican-American dishes with a fresh feel on her blog, “Presley’s Pantry.” Pictured here: rolled chicken enchiladas with an avocado cilantro sauce. (Photo/Courtesy Nicole Presley)

Food blogs we love: Presley’s Pantry

Who’s blogging: I’m Nicole Presley, a culinary enthusiast who lives to cook, eat, breathe and talk food.  I write an original recipe food blog called “Presley’s Pantry” from my home with the primary focus on comfort food.  I also film short cooking webisodes that can be seen on my blog.

Explain your blog name: I decided Presley’s Pantry was the best name to describe my blog for the mere fact that my last name is Presley and many of the ingredients that go into my recipes come from my pantry.

Blogging since: I first hit publish in February 2011, so I’ve been blogging for almost a year and a half. I’m still considered a rookie, but I’m really excited about the fact that at the end of this summer, the “Fresh & Easy” supermarket chain will begin packaging and selling my Chipotle Macaroni Salad.

Blogging from: I blog from my home in the heart of East Los Angeles. I am a native of Los Angeles and love my community where I am surrounded by Latino culture and food.

Food blogs we love: Presleys Pantry  food NBC Latino News

Nicole Presley is a spunky Chicana food blogger has been named by the Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) organization as one of the “Top 70 Latina Blogueras in the Nation.” (Photo/Courtesy Nicole Presley)

Most popular post:  My most popular post comes in video form as a webisode. I made Chile Rellenos and it is the recipe that is visited the most and often.

What you’ve learned about food while blogging: My door to learning about food is always open. I have been gathering my edible knowledge for years, and am consistently experimenting with flavor combinations that work for me. One of many things that I love about food is that it really is the universal bond between mankind. You can pull all different walks of life together and we share the same common ground – food.

 Where do you get inspiration for your posts?  I dream of foods from my childhood, or things I’ve tasted in faraway places, which I recreate into a version of what fits my lifestyle now.  I gravitate towards the flavors of Mexico, France, Asia and somehow make a home for them all under one roof.

What have you learned from blogging? It takes a lot of hard work and serious dedication. I learned that I also enjoy photography! I’ve learned this platform allows me to be creative in a variety of ways. I can create a recipe, photograph it, write a short story for the recipe, or film a webisode to coincide with the dish, or even sing a song. It has allowed me to explore the left side and right side of my brain and demonstrate that I can walk both sides of the fence freely.

Where else can we find you online? You can find me on YouTube, where I am building a cooking show with a growing number of webisodes. I am extra proud of the recipes I have created for this series and the production value of my show.  Apart from working on Presley’s Pantry I am co-creator of “The Two Good Eggs,” a breakfast blog that is starting to break out of its shell. I’m also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

What are your favorite food blogs? I am a big fan of Javier Cabral better known as the Glutster. I love his blog because he’s very informative and cutting edge. The Latino Foodie grabs my attention with their clever recipes, especially with a recipe for chocolate holiday tamales during the holidays. Ericka Sanchez of Nibbles and Feasts sings directly to my heart with her traditional and modern with a twist recipes. Last but not least is Pamela Pajuelo of Señorita Vino, as I follow her words as a guide into the world of wine.


  1. Ms Niss says:

    Nicole’s blog and food is amazing! It’s not so much that she knows how to cook, she adds pizazz, style and character to everything she touches – That’s what makes her so different from many other blogs. Todo lo que hace lo hace con passion y se ve!

  2. LeslieLimon says:

    I love Nicole’s blog, especially her webisodes! So glad to see her featured today!

  3. Congrats Nicole! Ahh shucks, and thanks for giving me a shout! (:

  4. Congratulations my dear friend on this feature! You truly deserve it!

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