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Latina moms ditch the phone, reach out to blogs for parenting know-how

Latina moms aren’t just calling abuela for advice: it turns out that they are going online and checking out parenting blogs to get advice on everything from the best diaper brands to how to deal with cranky toddlers.

According to a new poll released by BlogHer, Inc., moms across the country have found that 81% of moms go to blogs for parenting advice and information to “help them build confidence about their parenting skills.” It turns out that these socially-savvy mamis are using the Internet in ways that might have been unimaginable just a few years ago. The third annual survey by the women’s media network and publisher reveals that moms regularly comb blogs for family-friendly information to help them make decisions, more so than Facebook (60%) or Twitter (41%).

‘I subscribe to so many blogs, each one addressing a different topic that’s important to me as a mom,” says Jai Correa, who blogs about her experience as a mother to a five-year-old son and a baby on the way at Mami’s Time Out. “I have a blog reader on my phone, so I can look up anything from dinner ideas, to education, to product reviews, wherever I am.”

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Correa, who has been blogging for more than four years, lives a few hours away from her mother and extended family in upstate New York. She says that reaching out to a rich network of Latina family-oriented bloggers often works in the same way that having her family nearby would.

“I use my online blogger community as a resource very much like my mom had her sisters and brothers,” says Correa. “But my generation is more technologically inclined than any other, which makes my going to online peers for advice really natural.”

Melanie Edwards agrees that reading parenting blogs can help gain perspective as a new mom. “As parents, you’re often trying to figure out things as you go – there’s definitely no handbook that comes with kids and it’s great to read that others are going through similar situations.”

Edwards blogs about lifestyle, parenting and the work-life balance at ModernMami.com.  She says she often receives positive feedback about the child-care stories she posts online – however honest, messy or emotional – they may be.

“I believe some of the parenting stories I share on ModernMami.com have helped other moms, even if it’s just by seeing things a different way,” says Edwards.

“Looking at some of the search terms that bring people to the site, it’s evident there are many parents out there seeking input, ideas and help in parenting.”

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