Community rallies around 5-year-old battling a rapid aging disease

Adalia Rose lives in Austin, Texas and was born with Progeria.  She is the only child in Texas to have the rare disease, which causes rapid aging.

On Saturday the community held a fundraiser in North Austin for the Progeria Research Foundation to help find a cure.  People from all over showed up to support Adalia and help raise money to help find a cure for the rare genetic disorder. Conquer Gym opened their doors to host the fundraiser, even the personal trainers dressed up like super heroes.

But the real hero is Adalia, the power she has to change people’s perception in just a few seconds. Adalia loves to play dress up with her friends, you can see by the pictures on her Facebook page.

“She is amazing and beautiful,” one friend said.

More than 3 million other people on Facebook agree; that’s how many “Likes” Adalia has. There are good days and bad, going to the grocery store can sometimes be heartbreaking for Adalia’s parents when adults give their daughter dirty looks.

Ryan Pallant, the little girls father said, “We teach her to just say “hi” or to be cool about it.” He continued, “Why are they staring at you? because they’ve never seen an angel.”

Despite the obstacles this little angel faces, the love surrounding her from family and friends is apparent.

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