Russell Pearce, sponsor of the controversial immigration law Arizona SB 1070, lost his comeback bid for an Arizona State Senate seat. (Win McNamee/Getty Images,)

Architect of SB1070 soundly defeated in Arizona Republican primary

Last year Russell Pearce, the architect of Arizona’s SB1070 polarizing immigration law, was the most powerful man in the Arizona State Senate.

What a difference a year makes.

“In less than one year, Russell Pearce has gone from being the most powerful politician in the state to being unemployed,” said Randy Parraz, whose Citizens for a Better Arizona organization led last year’s recall election of the former state senate president and played a key role in getting out voters in yesterday’s primary election, according to Salon. “Not only did Pearce lose the historic recall election, he just lost the Republican primary by double digits. Russell Pearce’s brand of extreme, divisive and hateful politics is finally over.”

Pearce had been on the comeback trail since his recall but his opponent, businessman Bob Worsley, defeated him 56 percent to 44 percent in the GOP primary for the Republican-leaning Arizona State Senate seat.

Pearce’s campaign hit several stumbling blocks along the way.

He had to backtrack from comments he made following the Aurora movie theater shooting where he blamed the victims for not standing up to a heavily armed murderer wearing body armor. Additionally, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R), an ally during Pearce’s Senate tenure, declined to endorse his comeback campaign.

After winning Worsley addressed his vanquished opponent’s signature issue of immigration, with a considerably softer tone than Pearce was known for.

“The voters recognize that the real solution for urgent immigration problems can be crafted by leaders who seek a pragmatic approach that includes the federal government,” he said.

“Solutions that are tough-minded and creative without being hard-hearted.”

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