Parody twitter account Mexican Mitt was unceremoniously suspended the night of Mitt Romney’s big speech at the Republican National Convention. (Twitter)

“Mexican Mitt” parody twitter account suspended before Romney’s RNC speech

‘Mexican Mitt,’ a parody twitter account that has been railing against Mitt Romney since the primaries and pokes fun at Romney’s on-again, off-again relationship with Mexican ancestry, was mysteriously suspended on the eve of Mitt Romney’s speech at the Republican National Convention Thursday night.

One thing should be made clear — Mexican Mitt, who’s most public supporter and friend is popular satirist and NBC Latino contributor Lalo Alcaraz, has been known to tweet controversial comments and makes his share of enemies on Twitter.

Mexican Mitt parody twitter account suspended before Romneys RNC speech Mexican Mitt POCHO poster tech 2 NBC Latino News

For his part, Alcaraz has a theory.

“There was some guy who got really upset with Mexican Mitt,” Alcaraz says. “Mexican Mitt told him something like, ‘don’t be so butt hurt because your account sucks and mine doesnt.’ I think the guy may have reported it as abuse.”

Alcaraz says an automated message from Twitter said the account would be reinstated if Mexican Mitt responded by saying he agreed to the Twitter terms of service. He acquiesced.

But his supporters were quick go on the offensive, tweeting their disgust at the fact that Mexican Mitt, who routinely lampoons Romney, was taken off Twitter before Romney’s big speech.

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Image made by humor and culture site, Latino Rebels.

The move to suspend the parody account by Twitter came on the same day Romney’s campaign made history by becoming the first presidential campaign to buy a trending topic on Twitter. The hashtag #RomneyRyan2012 was promoted by the campaign for a minimum of $120,000, according to Mashable.

As of 8:52 p.m. ET, the #RomneyRyan2012 hashtag had seen nearly 10,000 unique tweets (not retweets).

Undoubtedly, a huge source of publicity for the campaign, but of a decidedly different tone than Mexican Mitt would have provided.

Twitter has not responded as of yet to an inquiry about why the account was suspended.

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