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Opinion: Manzano was just showing pride for his heritage

Critics jumped on Leo Manzano when he did his victory lap wearing both the U.S. and Mexican flag when he won a silver medal at the London Olympics, running the … Read More

Six Figures: Veronica Ruelas -optometrist, designer and philanthropist

For Veronica Ruelas, it was just a matter of seeing life through a different pair of glasses. She says she didn’t always love her job as an optometrist. It took … Read More

Living Well – When chickenpox come back to haunt you

Most of us have had Chicken Pox at one point in our lives  but what we often forget is that this virus can resurface in the form Shingles. Telemundo’s chief … Read More

Advocates plan NM lawsuit over Latino education

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A coalition of civil rights groups say they plan to sue the state of New Mexico for failing to close the achievement gap between Latino … Read More

Latino Olympic Winners and Losers

The riveting 2012 Olympics are coming to a close and we followed some of the great Latino Olympians on Team USA from start to finish as they went for the gold. … Read More

Report: Racial profiling alleged at Boston airport

Transportation Security Administration officers at Boston's Logan International Airport are alleging that a program intended to help flag possible terrorists … Read More

Opinion: Paul Ryan’s policies, if implemented, will have deep consequences for Latinos

I suppose if you were looking to pick another “game changer” like Sarah Palin to run as your Vice President, you’d want to choose someone who is at least twice … Read More

Rubio says Romney made a great choice with Ryan

Florida Senator Marco Rubio thinks presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made the right decision choosing Wisconsin's Rep. Paul D. Ryan. He lauded Romney in a … Read More

Opinion: Confusion over Obama’s immigration changes

CHICAGO -- It's been my experience that any time the government announces a new immigration-related plan, there's always plenty of uncertainty and … Read More

Mexico beats Brazil 2-1 taking home the gold

For the first time in Olympic history, Mexico's national soccer team heard it’s national anthem play as they stood on the Olympic podium today. It what turned … Read More