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Machete melee at work

A worker for the City of Miami Beach is behind bars after he attacked his coworker with a machete, nearly severing the man's arm. Guillermo Baez del … Read More

Anaheim council rejects referendum on elections

ANAHEIM, Calif.—Roused to action by last month's controversial police shootings of two Latinos, dozens of Anaheim residents chanted "we'll be back" on Wednesday … Read More

Celebrity Rewind: Eva Longoria settles car crash lawsuit, stays out of court

Eva Longoria may be public about her love of Obama but she’s trying to keep certain matters out of court – and out of the spotlight. Get the details on a … Read More

Are mojitos really passé, or are bartenders just lazy?

If they understood the meaning of the name itself—mojito—testy New York City bartenders might think twice about removing the popular Cuban cocktail from their … Read More

Olympians and the families who love them

Our favorite Olympians – including Latino stars like Ryan Lochte, John Orozco, Danell Leyva – have astounded international audiences with their extraordinary … Read More

Money Tips: How to effectively draft a will

No one likes to think about writing a will, but putting off this important decision could cost money and time to your loved ones. NBCLatino's personal finance … Read More

NBC Latino congratulates: Alina Ivette Fernandez

This summer is the norm for Alina Ivette Fernandez. Since she was 12 years old, she has been a youth advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. Now 20, she … Read More

Democratic candidates pitch DREAM Act for platform

WASHINGTON (AP) — In an appeal to Latino voters, three Senate candidates in the Southwest are calling on delegates to the Democratic National Convention to make … Read More

Opinion: Stop the sexy Latina stereotype

CHICAGO -- Data can do wonders. It can free you from feeling weird about having a counterintuitive opinion. You learn that you're not alone and you don't feel … Read More

Sesame Street casting Latino character

NEW YORK (AP) — So you grew up watching Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird, and now you want to be friends with Rosita, Luis and Maria. If you are a bilingual … Read More